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Pobal marbh?

Is dócha go bhfuil an pobal seo marbh fearacht LJ féin. Is fada ó bhí mé anseo agus níl a fhios ’am an bhfuil duine ar bith ag déanamh modhnóireacht air fós.

Duine ar bith ag breathnú air go fóill?

I suppose this community is dead like LJ itself. It’s a long time since I’ve been here and I don’t know if anyone is moderating it now.

Anybody still watching?

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RnaG schedule - need help understanding it


I listen to Raidio na Gaeltachta on my internet radio. I like listening to traditional music.

On weekends, it seems to be sports - play by play of some game or other. I can't get anything out of it because I don't understand very much Irish. Also I'm not a sports fan of any type.

I can't make much sense of the online schedule. On the RnaG wikipedia page, it says that between 2100 and 0100, they play music with English lyrics to appeal to younger people.

So can anyone suggest a time of day that I can listen to traditional music?

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(no subject)

I was listening to a R na G podcast. The interviewer kept saying what sounded like "sha... sha..." I imagine it was "Is ea". What was I hearing? It sounded like the interviewer was replying "yes... yes..." or something.

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Reverse definition question

Hello! Is there a word that specifically means/refers to making deals and/or bargains with fairies? Someone mentioned this term might exist, but I've been searching high and low for confirmation one way or the other to no avail.

Thank you!
cat agus madra
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(no subject)


What are the words for different colours of cats? Eg. the equivalent Irish terms for tortoiseshell, calico, marmalade, tuxedo cat, and any other terms.

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surprising use of Irish in ad

This ad in the Toronto subway has the word "listen" in various languages. I figured (like I always do when I see this type of thing) well "every" language except for Irish of course.

Then in the bottom right corner, below the 9am, I saw "eist"


I wonder if an Irish immigrant to Toronto had something to do with this. The average Canadian thinks that the Irish language is English spoken with an Irish accent.

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Help with the pronunciation


Just recently I fell in love with the traditional song Siúil A Rúin. I'm singing in a group and we mainly perform a'cappella songs, sea shanties and folk songs so when I introduced this song to my fellow members we immediately decided to add it to our repertoire. I am fairly new to Gaelic and I adore the sound of it, but sadly, I can neither speak it nor pronounce correctly. I would be really grateful if someone could help me with the chorus:

Siúil, siúil, siúil a rúin
Siúil go socair agus siúil go ciúin
Siúil go doras agus éalaigh liom
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán

I'm not sure if the spelling is correct as I found the lyrics online, so I'm sorry about that. Thank you in advance!